Press Release: Guadalupe River Art Walk AIR Roan Victor

POW! WOW! San Jose and Guadalupe River Park Conservancy have teamed up to bring the experience of a global public art movement into one of San Jose’s most unique natural assets, the Guadalupe River Park in downtown San Jose, creating the Guadalupe River Art Walk. The Guadalupe River Park will act as a “nature studio,” hosting a series of Artist-in-Residencies over the course of a year to deliver the combined benefits of public art and parks.

The first Artist-in-Residence, Roan Victor, just completed her mural titled “Flow of Life,” kicking off the Artist-in-Residencies series. The new mural is located over the Guadalupe River on Woz Way and is accessible now to the public.

“Roan’s mural is the first step in our vision to produce the longest public art corridor in the Bay Area, through a series of residencies featuring local and visiting artists to create an inclusive and vibrant cultural experience along our urban river.,” says POW! WOW! San Jose Co-Director Stacey Kellogg

“The imagery of a river turning into an arm, vice versa, in my proposal essentially represents the river flowing to give life.” Victor says about her mural concept. “Historically, I believe the river became a source of food and livelihood to the natives of the land; humans, wildlife and vegetation. And as we approach a changing climate, the river adapts and life keeps flowing. My intent is to provide a message of hope and a feeling of peace and tranquillity by being surrounded by the beauty of nature.”

“Our project is located in the intersection of public art, open space, civic engagement, and the creative economy,” says POW! WOW! San Jose Co-Director Juan Carlos Araujo.

“It’s wonderful to see this breath-taking artwork here. As an avid trail cyclist, it’s phenomenal to find new surprises along the Guadalupe River Park,” says Carl Salas, a board member of the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy.

POW! WOW! San Jose and the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy are grateful for the support of the City of San Jose, Applied Materials, Kelly Moore Paints, and the Knight Foundation and for their commitment to arts, culture, and public space in San Jose. For more information about how to donate or to become a sponsor, please visit

About Artist-in-Residence Roan Victor:
Lush foliage, textiles, patterns and figures in passive poses are common subject matters in Roan Victor’s paintings. Her recent works, in gouache and watercolors, exude calmness and contemplation as figures are enveloped in comforting settings. This is also reflected in her murals with the same elements painted larger than life. Roan Victor owns The Arsenal with her husband Sean Boyles, an art store and art studio located in Japantown San Jose. Having The Arsenal gives Roan and Sean a place to share their knowledge in art to both youth and adults and lets them provide the same opportunities to fellow artists in our community.

About POW! WOW! San Jose:
POW! WOW! San Jose, established in 2017, is an internationally-branded and locally-led mural festival rooted from a collective of San Jose artists and creatives from Empire 7 Studios—a contemporary urban art gallery and cultural institution in Japantown, San Jose, California. The organization leads are Co-Directors Juan Carlos Araujo, Stacey Kellogg, and Jennifer Ahn, with combined experience in project management implementation, fundraising, logistics, communications, volunteer coordination, coalition building, and deep connections to the region’s creative community. Araujo currently serves as SJ Arts Commissioner and has extensive experience working with youth, especially disadvantaged or at-risk minors, in the pursuit of art creation and advocacy. Kellogg is a local attorney and business advisor, passionate about using her strategic development skills to elevate public art in San Jose. Collectively, the PWSJ team has produced over 60 murals throughout the City in various neighborhoods with a focus on under-served areas.

About Guadalupe River Park Conservancy:

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is a 25 year old organization that provides community leadership for the development and active use of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens through education, advocacy, and stewardship. The Conservancy is continually involved in completing the master plans for both the park and gardens, creating educational programs, promoting awareness of the Park & Gardens, and developing membership and volunteer opportunities to increase public support and involvement.

The Guadalupe River Park is a three-mile ribbon of parkland that runs along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown San Jose. Key park assets include the Rotary PlayGarden, San Jose’s first all-inclusive playground, Heritage Rose Garden, featuring over 2,600 varieties of roses, the River Trail that connects downtown San Jose to the Bay Area waters, and an impressive collection of public art and memorials in all of San Jose. It is a resource of regional importance to the people of Santa Clara County and the Bay Area.

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