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What “Great” Public Spaces Do: Redefining the Role of the Guadalupe River Park

The first 6 months of this new decade have redefined the role parks play in our community.

We know (and may take for granted) that parks offer opportunities for recreation, attract development interest, connect people to nature, and promote walking and biking. This precious social infrastructure has also adapted to include new uses: immunity-boosting and mental health healing, supporting essential services (particularly food cultivation and services distribution), providing opportunities for economic recovery, and allowing protestors a safe outdoor place to gather.

The growth in demand and expansion of uses compels us to redefine the role of parks and our role as the community that supports them.

2020 has brought with it unprecedented challenges to our communities, cities, and civics. The COVID-19 health crisis has exposed vulnerabilities in our public health and safety network. The impacts of the pandemic and the necessary shelter-in-place practices have led to an economic downturn an…

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